How it works?

Escriba works through a system of simple phrases that guides you step by step during message processing. See demo

Escriba GO

Escriba allows you to interact with the phone using the magic word. Escriba is compatible with other voice engines like OK Google


Escriba supports messages from technologies such as WhatsApp, Telegram or even e-mail

iOS add-on

Escriba for iOS can be connected to any Escriba Android or Escriba Auto device, creating a link between both devices to listen to messages from your iPhone and iPad.

Escriba for Auto

Listen and reply to your messages while driving with Escriba Auto integrated in your vehicle. Farewell to distractions while driving. Your safety first. Contact us to know how to get Escriba in your car.


Grouping messages

Only reading

To answer before reading



Parental control

Contact management


Escriba only process those messages from this list in favorites mode


It ignores the messages of the users in this list


Customize the language of each contact


Disables applications of messaging by contact

Escriba Store

Pack Social Escriba


Includes only technologies from messaging

Pack Office Escriba


Includes technologies from messaging and email

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Is Escriba free?

    Escriba has a trial period of 100 words which will enjoy the full range of technologies and e-mail messaging available to the application . Once this limit of words finished, the user can purchase support for technologies within the application itself in the ” Escriba Store” section.


    • Social: Includes only technologies from messaging 1,99 €
    • Office: Includes technologies from messaging and email 2,99
  • Escriba is not listening my voice, ¿what’s happening?

    Escriba needs to get access to your microphone in order to reply messages. Since Android 6.0 has been released, it is mandatory to grant “Microphone access permission”. if problems are still remains, please follow the next steps:

    1. Check if you have installed in your device the Text-to-speech library following the next link: Google Text-to-Speech
    2. Settings > Language and input > Text-to-speech output and check if the Google Text-to-speech is marked as default.
    3. Check if your native language package is installe
    4. Check if you have installed in your device the following Google library:Google App
  • I am not listening my notifications, ¿what is going on, Escriba?

    Escriba directly depends from your messaging technologies installed on your device. If Escriba is not working properly over some of those, please follow the next steps to solve your issues:

    1. Escriba reads your incoming messages from your notification system. Please check if your technology is not included or not enabled in your notification system.
    2. Check if your multimedia volume is suitable to be heard
    3. Check if you failed technology is enabled in Escriba.
    4. Stop and resume Escriba.
  • Escriba does not appear in my Google Play Store

    If Escriba does not appear in your Play Store, make sure that you have a compatible Android version (5.0+ or higher).

  • Smileys in Escriba? … Awesome!

    Escriba may use smileys to translate outgoing messages into colorful texts. Besides, Escriba will detect smileys in incoming messages and translate them into fun voice phrases. You can select both enable this function or which smileys you wish to use from the Escribas´s control panel.

  • Read-only function, how it works?

    The Read-only function disables the locution to reply messages. This means, Escriba will only read incoming messages without giving an option to reply.

  • The Standby function, how it works?

    By the Standby feature, Escriba may be disabled for a limited time, for instance while you are in a meeting or when you are in the cinema.

  • Is Escriba compatible with a parental control?

    Yes it is, Escriba is using your current parental control, which is installed on your mobile device.

  • Why do I have to grant access to two permissions on my mobile device?

    Escriba needs the accessibility grant in order to interact with your messaging apps.

    In addition, to listen your incoming messages, it also needs access to the notification system.

  • Is Escriba available to my device?

    Escriba is available for any mobile device which runs Android 5.0 or higher.